What the competitors say about the championship in St.Petersburg

Being the only participant from my country in the 8th TCFE Internal Martial Arts Championships in St. Petersburg, as well as a non Russian speaking one, I expected to run into some problems. But from the first e-mail contact Mrs. Anna Hilmi guided me through the process and helped me to feel at ease from the moment I arrived at the airport. During registration someone helped me to figure out what to do where and at what time on Saturday. During the competition all the people from the organization were so helpfull and caring as if I was the only participant. I want to congratulate Mr. Andrei Seredniakov and Mrs Hilmi and all the others with the result of their extensive preparations. For me this was one of the most impressive competitions I ever participated in and surely one I will never forget. Thank you to all the people who helped to organize this event. Ineke Bouman, The Netherlands.


TCFE is looking for a treasurer

Ceciel Kroes, TCFE Treasurer has resigned. The Executive Committee is looking for a volunteer from our membership [they would have to be a member of an organisation which is a TCFE member]to take over, at least on a temporary basis, until the next TCFE elections in 2017.

The Treasurer does not have to be a member of the Executive, but will report to them on financial and membership matters.
Interested parties should contact our Secretary, Cornelia Gruber. Previous experience is desirable, but not essential. Candidates from the eurozone are preferred.

Please contact: info@tcfe.org